Sunday, September 16, 2012

Where are we going? Where have we been?

Statement of the purpose of Found Gold:

Every serious venture employs a guide -- a pathfinder, a hawkeye as James Fenimore Cooper would call that individual. From my lengthy experience, this is especially needed for venturing in that great wilderness that we call the world wide web.  Too often "www"  turns into txtspeak for "What? Where? Why?".

Becoming one of these pathfinders is my objective in creating this blog.

What I want to provide here is a shared prospectors' map of those golden nuggets of university-quality, free for the finding, resources that we have discovered that can be used to enrich our instruction or more simply used to continue our own life-long learning.

I encourage all of my colleagues (NOTE: If you are reading this, you are by definition a colleague.) to send links to and brief explanations of your most valued resources to my gmail address --

If I share your enthusiasm, I will repost them to this blog with full attribution of course.

With those final words the raft is now officially launched.

John Freed, Ph.D 
Associate Professor of Humanities/Liberal Studies
Brandman University
a member of the Chapman University System

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